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Feb 23, 2009
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The Ottawa Rocketry Group is looking for a field in the Ottawa-Gatineau region and if you have any contacts you think may help, please send them along.

I intend to start looking east of you, in the Cassleman area (Vankleek hill / Hawkesbury).. Some fields do look promising. I had also though of hitting up the Montreal Soaring Council to use their field once a month.. Even the Hawkesbury airport. The field behind Herb's gas would be sweet too!! What about the Glengarry field they have the Highland games at?

I plan to contact the various town halls, and put the request to them to see if they know of a willing farmer. Cassleman seems to be the region's "center". And I figured there would be a Farmer's coalition or group or union (or whatever you call a bunch of farmers!) and make the case that way /thru them..

Try to come east! Then the Montreal crowd can have an easier time getting to you!!! :D

(Maybe we should pool our energies together..)
Go ‘google map’ 45.407067, -74.856647, it’s more of ‘St Isidor’ than Vankeel Hill

Follow “Rejean Levac Sideroad” up (north ) – between Concession Rd 9 & Mcrimmon Rd. There’s an access point. This area would be ideal! 45.415906, -74.844587

We’d probably need to contact “The nation” township to get started..
I hope you guys find a field. But please feel free to continue flying with us in Geneseo, NY.