Oh no I just figured out another way to waste a bunch of time with OpenRocket

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Jul 14, 2015
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Northern NJ
Once I thought of it I had to try it. Don't judge me.

Ok Neil... You know that you can't just post THAT COOL and not be asked for a "How-To" tutorial... :cool: So, where's the tutorial?
You're using the screen capture of your video card (like people use to post themselves playing video games) and the Advance slider of the OR picture-maker.
Quickie tutorial:

1) Go into OR Photo Studio.
2) Adjust all parameters (camera angle, lighting angle, rocket orientation, etc.) to your liking. Hold the down arrow on the "advance" parameter to move the rocket backward to starting position. Then old down the "up" arrow to make the rocket trace an appealing path.
3) Move the rocket back to "starting position".

Following instructions are Mac-specific; you'll have to find equivalent tools and methods for PC:

4) Open Quicktime player, don't select a file, just say "done" without opening a file.
5) Select File->New Screen Recording, and just follow the instructions. I dragged out a rectangle that seemed to be a good region for the rocket to fly though; the whole screen or even the Photo Studio window would have been too big.
6) Start recording. Hold down the "Up" button on "Advance" to move the rocket forward, and hold it down past the point where the rocket has finished its run. Then Stop recording.
7) Trim the video to get rid of the bits at the beginning and end.
8) Save the video.

That yielded a quicktime movie. I then played with converting to a GIF, but it ended up being a larger file and didn't look as good, *and* it wouldn't upload intact to TRF. So I then used Handbrake to convert it to an MP4 and uploaded it to Youtube.

It's possible I just could have uploaded the MOV file directly to Youtube, not sure.

And that's about it! Silly fun. :)