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  1. SiboVG

    Merry Christmas from OpenRocket 🎄

    for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++) { System.out.println("Ho"); } System.out.println("Merry Christmas!"); Hi everyone, the OpenRocket team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May 2024 be filled with joy and... rocketry! 🚀 (Yes, the tree was modeled in OpenRocket)
  2. R

    OpenRocket/RASAero Simulation Differences

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to simulate the stability of my team's rocket for the spaceport America cup on RASAero and OpenRocket. However, the stability graphs from RASAero and OpenRocket differ significantly, and we can't figure out why. I've attached the stability and Center of Pressure plots...
  3. C

    Zephyr Stability (Openrocket vs. RockSim)

    Hi Everyone, I am currently working toward an L1 certification using the Zephyr kit from Apogee. I am basically done with construction, but when I started looking at the OpenRocket model to determine my delay for motor ejection I noticed a really disconcerting discrepancy between the...
  4. Timothy

    How do I edit the OpenRocket material database?

    In OpenRocket, I added several custom materials. Is there a database (such as a JSON file) that I can edit? If not, how do I delete the extra materials I added? I highlighted the material I want to delete below:
  5. J

    Concept 125 OpenRocket file

    Hi! Does anyone have a Composite Warehouse Concept 125 OpenRocket file? Thanks!
  6. F

    Download OpenRocket designs

    I am new to rocket software, and mid power rockets I want to try OpenRocket and was thinking that some must have made a lot of designs. Is there a place (Website) where there is designs to download ? And then adapt it to my rocket :) I have build a Aerotech Initiator (not mega) and I know that...
  7. TheLearningOne

    New Guy from france

    Hello everyone, I'm a complete beginner, I never launch a rocket before, i never had the opportunity to do it, but since i'm a software engineer now this is really something i want to learn, So in order to start somewhere and since i have a 3d printer, and i want to do everything, i created a...
  8. INFX_TryHard

    Can't Edit anything in Open Rocket (95% sure this started after upgrading to Win 11

    Recently I updated to Windows 11 and I am mostly sure that once I did, I can't edit anything in OpenRocket. OpenRocket Launches fine and I am able to open all of my rocket files but whenever I double click a part or click the "edit" button, there is no popup. Due to this, I can't edit my...
  9. B

    Pitching Moments (OpenRocket technical documentation)

    This is my first post on this forum so I apologize if this post isn't in the right place, but I made my best guess as to where it might fit. I've been reading through the OpenRocket technical documentation, and after only just getting into it, I'm already a bit confused. It states that the...
  10. Dan Kusmer

    OpenRocket simulation drifts far when wind is 0 mph?

    I set the average windspeed to 0 mph. The simulation has the apogee at 4531 ft where the ejection charge fires. The ascent is near vertical. I delay chute decent deployment until 500 ft (Jolly Logic). The simulation has the rocket landing 6265 ft away from the launch site in 97 seconds after...
  11. Pilum

    3d export from OpenRocket ?

    Is this possible in any way? Export a 3d model from OpenRocket - in any format or a conversion ... This isn't for real modeling or 3D printing, this is for visualization, 3dmax there and the like;
  12. davdue

    OpenRocket Update Status?

    It's been 6 years since V15.0.3 was released. I see lots of emails on the lists about issues and I have a copy of a beta version 17.11-rc2.1 from 2018. At the minimum there are lots of AeroTech motors that have been approved that aren't in the database. It would be great to have an updated...
  13. O

    Stability is getting drop at before Apogee in Openrocket

    Hello, I am new at the Forum. Because of that ı don't any idea for Forum rules. Anyway. I am designing High Powered Rocket at Openrocket. Rocket flights 3.000 Meter (10.000 feet). But i have a problem with Static Margin at Apogee, when i simulated.As you can see below Graphic, my Rocket's...
  14. M

    Adding parts to the openrocket database?

    Hi everyone, is it possible to edit the parts database in OR? Based on the following lines from the wiki it seems doable but not easy: Implement GUI for creating components(?) Useful for manufacturers However I couldn't find a how to. Basically all I want to do is put in some non standard...
  15. JohnCoker API coming back

    I have made progress on the API. The "compatible" and new-style endpoints for metadata, search and download are working. This should enable RockSim and OpenRocket to download data again. If anyone else has programs that query and download data from, they should be working as...
  16. A

    Issues with OpenRocket

    Hello, recently I have been trying to open OpenRocket but have consistently run into issues where I would select any dropdown boxes and the entire program would freak out graphically. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Java as well as attempting to reinstall OpenRocket itself. I am...
  17. Kelly

    OpenRocket: How to ignore stability issues?

    I'm simming a short/stubby rocket with lots of base drag. To get an idea of stability, I add a massless transition cone at the tail as recommended elsewhere, and I get a stable rocket. To sim the altitude, I remove the transition. However now OpenRocket is telling me that the rocket...
  18. T

    Freefall in openrocket

    Hi, is there any way to simulate free fall / drop test from a certain altitude to landing point? Thanks.
  19. T

    Air launch in OpenRocket?

    Hi, basically, how do you simulate air launches in OpenRocket? Thanks.
  20. itb7

    OpenRocket center of Mass

    Hello everybody, I'm pretty new here, and looking for some advice on using OpenRocket to run a sim of a custom motor. I'm not certain how OpenRocket is supposed to do this, but I'd like to control the center of gravity for the motor, which will change for the first couple seconds of flight as...