O.k. Who will be at NARCON 04?

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el chubbo

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Nov 25, 2003
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I would be interested to who is going to NARCON next week.... I have been talking with Kevin W. and it looks to be a good meeting/launch....

I wouldn't worry too much about there being another thread. No telling how far back you'd have to search to find it. I can't tell you how many times I've been following a thread, then suddenly, it's gone, lost in a sudden burst of member participation.

Back to subject, Don and I can't make ourselves. Too many kits in development combined with a higher then expected growth rate keeps us close to home.

However, we have sent door prizes as well as donating a number of Space Rangers to the build and take.

::raises hand:: I'm there, for what I can make it to. I have other business over the weekend as well, though, so am not sure what I'll be around for (don't worry Jim, we're still on for TDD no matter what).
I looked but missed the original thread!

......Too many kits in development combined with a higher then expected growth rate.....

That IS good news in a sport that could definately use some.....
Just an FYI.

FlisKits will be bringing a limited selection of our parts for sale at our vendor booth. If you are attending NARCON and are looking for any specific parts from our selection, just let me know what and how many and I will be sure to bring them along!


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