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Wildman CT
Jan 23, 2009
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So, I decided it was time to do a build thread on the LOC Norad Pro Maxx. I'm building it so I can be the test pilot for Barry's new decals.

Norad Pro Maxx.jpeg
Here's the first bit of work. Two lines on the outside of the rocket, midway between fins in case I want to do rails and rods. I drilled out the holes for the nuts for the rails. I then glued in the forward CR and the motor tube. The adapter is keeping it all centered.


Ok, so I decided on internal fillets so it would be much better looking. So I put on a set of gloves and got gluey. I put in the lower T nut for the lower rail guide and then I popped on the lower centering ring and stood it upside down...for about a half hour while I glued to other side up and put on the aeropack retainer with a little JB weld..then after about 15 more minutes I flipped it back over to let the fillets go the other way...



Ok, so in keeping with my inability to read or follow instructions, I tossed aside the LOC shock cord mount and the elastic for some 600 pound test woven kevlar. It's about 3/8 inch wide and through the last CR it went, then I tied it to the motor mount. I then glued in the top CR and slathered it and the kevlar (and the top of the reducer) with more aeropoxy, then pushed on the smaller of the two 2.1 inch tubes. It's drying now, but there will be some work because I want to use it as in the kit's configuration as well as with my 2.1 inch AV bay for DD.



Ok, so I decided on internal fillets so it would be much better looking. ...

I'd personally consider the use of internal fillets as additional strength, not to eliminate the use of external fillets, but if it's strong enough, why not?

Looks like a fun, straightforward build so far.

Ok, so after being sick and not up to working on it....first I drilled a whole in the nose cone to put a piece of kevlar through. For those of you who like knots, it's a double figure eight.

I decided to make a removable coupler so that I could reduce weight and fly it single deploy, but make it light. The coupler with the purple switch band is my ebay that I created for my Vulconite "Morning After Bad Thai Food." I can pop the coupler out and put it right in.





Here's a shot of my ebay. It's a perfectflight MWAD. The battery is a rechargeable 325 ma 9V. My switch is a simple SPST switch mounted on a piece of used estes "D" motor casing. the coupler has a piece of "stiffy" thru it, with a gap for the switch that lines up with the vent a simple finish nail becomes the object needed to turn it on. If you look closely, you'll see that I glued a piece of wire to both sides of the switch so that vibration can't turn it off. Next to paint but I won't have a chance until wed because of Easter.

Ready for single deploy, 1 pound 12.3 ounces, add the ebay and you add 8 ounces. so with a G106 it should weigh 2 pounds 10 ounces with dual deploy. A J575FJ should be around 3 pounds 7 ounces....and need a tracker!
I had one of these several years ago.

Man what a sweet rocket, it seemed to have the perfect combination of style and great flying characteristics . I flew it on many sizes of motor in single deploy only. My best flight [altimeter in payload] was 5100ft with a 5gr CTI.

You will definitely be "cloud busting" with that J 575! Yes, definitely a tracker is needed. Mine was eaten by the "CORN" gods in Iowa. Wish I had built it DD.