Nike-Hercules query ... part deux

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Feb 22, 2003
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First off, this isn't your normal thread asking where can I get the Launch plan pack.

I've already got it, and am wondering if anyone else whom has it has come up with a proper list of parts to build it. The Plan Pack doesn't give tube dimensions (yes, it gives length of tube, but not MM/inch sizes, or even a proper part # equivalent would be nice), or really anything that would make it easy to order the proper parts from a vendor.

Ideally, I'd like to build this kit, with the purpose to set the foundation for a larger design - nowhere as big as Wedges monster, but perhaps 6 feet in heigth.

Does anyone have this information available ?

Secondly, my reasons for wanting this information is so I can do a proper scale drawing of it, complete with all the information that I believe needs to be made available. I.E. - cross sections of various crucial segments, end views with important data etc.

Lastly, a proper set of markings that can be created so that Decals could be made from it, and also including several views to help a scale creation to look correct - since the decals alone on this beast are mind-numbing.

Pete Alway does have a couple drawings on his site, and with the Dorffler collection and about 400 other images I have, I believe I have enough to make a serious scale drawing a reality.

For those of you familiar with my DMF3-Delta 3 - I see this one being on the same scale for detail and the like.

Hopefully I can make this a reality.

Can't help much with the Launch pad plan, I do believe I have the very detailed Model Rocketeer plan/article from years back. I also seem to remember a very nice narts packet but that may have been something I put together for a smaller 1/40th PMC I did years ago.
I just went through my Scale data disks, seems I'll have to scan the Nike-Hurcules plans and drawing. PM me with your e-mail I'll send you what I have:D
Jim Ball's site has lots of detailed drawings for the N-H.

Key thing with the Launch Pad is that it is nowhere near scale - the tube for the sustainer is straight. On the real missile it is boat tailed at both the front and the rear into the nose cone.

As far as the plan pak is concerned there are no part numbers apart from the nose cone as everything else is rolled from card. The sustainer can be built from BT80. The boosters are from memory about 2" diameter - easily calculated from the cardboard measurements. To be scale the sustainer requires to be about 4" diameter at its widest - not the 2.65" of BT80.

Other standard parts are the motor mounts - all BT50

It depends what you want to achieve with this model - build it stock and lightweight for a very approximate standoff scale (not even sport scale) model and fly it on D motors. To make it scale will result in a much heavier sustainer - both stages are going to need more power - probably 29mm mounts and then the booster airframe will need to be built stronger and staging will need electronics.
Have you been to Ed Thelan's site?

You can follow links on darn near every aspect of the Herc there. If nothing else, there are discussion groups where you may be able to post some questions. He has done a magnificent job of aggregating information from the Nike systems.


I honestly saw this project as a 24 MM, but what youve mentioned, along with my own research is showing that I might be able to lean towards the 24 or 29 MM reload kits from Aerotech.

I've had some success with a set of drawings, and though I'm a few weeks away from publication, I wanted to say that your reply went a long way towards answering the question that I couldn't put words too. Thank you for the honest reply. 8)


I have checked a bit of the site out but your right, I need to spend some more time there and see what else I can discover about this design. Thank you for the link !