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Shade Tree Rocket Surgeon
Jan 30, 2013
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I am stuck in VA for a couple of weeks and brought a rocket or two to mess with during my down time. I was going to put a screw on retainer on my Ventris but forgot to bring it, so I popped into the Hobbytown that is near by to see if they had some in stock. No retainers but I did find a Quest Aerospace One for half price. I have wanted one since I first saw it on the Quest website but thought that I had waited too long. Now I have one in the build pile and it gets pushed right to the front since the stuff that I brought with me will not last for 10 more days.

I was thinking about building it with a 24mm mount, just because I can put a bigger motor in it. I am thinking now that that may not be a great idea for this model. This one will probably get built basically stock and I'll take pictures of the components so that I can upscale it later. Any tips or gotchas from those who have built this one before?
Hey, thanks Chris! I had forgotten that you had done this one. I will certainly read over your build again.