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Jan 17, 2009
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I just finished an introductory class of 100 students (4th grade, 2 sessions of 50 each). I did this same grade/school last year and this year the teacher is going to do the building session and all I did was introduce them to the sport and the science of rocketry with a big focus on aerospace technology and our current space program (both manned and un manned).

It was great fun and a good start to the 2004 teaching year. At the rate my schedule is filling up, I should see about 600-1000 students this year. gonna be a good year :)

here's a pix of class #2 getting ready to watch a short (5 min) NASA short on the mars robots.

If you **ever** get a chance, teach some kids. it's great!

Jim...i know I'm slightly older but any chance I could sit in there...where the heck where you int the 60's dang it!:D
Well, I cant do 1,000 kids, but hows 5 sound? Theres a private school owned by a family friend (with 5 kids in it), and last year we did a "unit" on rocketry. Just some little Estes-type jobbers that I made from scratch. They loved it! This time I am going back with Edmonds Delties. Maybe next year (or, what the heck, later this year) I could get some Fliskits.... It'd be sooooooo cool to show up with some Fliskits DWs... But that would be $50-$60. Maybe if we had groups of 2 or something.... Ill at least have to bring my own DW to show them.... I hope I can get a controller in time....:eek:

Its kind of fun/interesting/freaky teaching kids older than you.... (well, only one is older than I am, but still....) I cant wait... I have all the kits together, but I still need some 1/2As, and to figure out when were gonna do this....

Good luck teaching 1000 kids! Your gonna have fun! Are you bringing them to a CMASS launch?????
Originally posted by Neil
Good luck teaching 1000 kids! Your gonna have fun! Are you bringing them to a CMASS launch?????

I don't think they'll all fit in his truck.... :rolleyes: :eek:


Originally posted by jetra2
I don't think they'll all fit in his truck.... :rolleyes: :eek:



awww, ya just gotta squash 'em in real tight...

i'm not doing 1000 kids all at once! sheesh! :)

But spread over the year in different classes with different groups.

Right now I have the IGNITE program, four 4th grade classes in Plastow NH, a large (95) cub scout pack in northern NH, one school in PA and two other scout troups in NH

busy, busy, busy :)
Next time I swing by the hobby store, I'm going to pick up a couple of Quarks or Mosquitos, and throw them in my launch box. My traditional launch site for LPR is the baseball/soccer/running track complex, and it's not uncommon for a kid to walk to the edge of the field and watch. One freebie Mosquito later, the kid could be begging his/her parents to go to the hobby shop for a pack of A3-4's! Maybe I could get a shop to discount these freebierocs if I staple a business card to the pack, but then I'm dangerously close to vending on city property.

I could give out individual motors if the kid's parents are around, but then I come off like a drug dealer. Come on, man, the first one's free...
Thats why they make schoolbuses! To transport large quanties children! Though I suppose you could really cram em in and hope you dont run into any cops....