NARAM 52 Satellite Interceptor

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Jan 18, 2009
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El Segundo
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Wow. Good to see, and IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!:rolleyes: I think this means we're on their radar.:cool:
I like the green. Very cool looking rocket! :clap:
If anyone wants to make a few bucks, I'd be willing to buy one or two of these but can't make it to NARAM. My understanding is they're going free to the folks registering for the week, so if you want a "rebate" and don't need the kit, drop me a PM.

--Chan Stevens
That looks great:) Maybe things are looking up :)
Can I buy one of these kits if I'm unable to attend the event?
I think the plan was for Estes to sell any leftovers directly through their website. It's the NARAM attendees (full-week registrants) that get a free one, low numbered, and I'm hoping to score a low numbered one to hoard along with buying a regular one through Estes. I'd really hate to see a few freebies at NARAM going to folks who either don't want/care for the kit or just toss it into what would eventually be a garage sale pile.