My first MP build Pershing 1A help?

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Mar 20, 2018
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Hello, I am gathering all my materials to build this rocket. It is going to be based on 101 tube and I’m using the Estes instructions for my information. I bought a 3D printed set of fins and a balsa nose cone. I am going upsize the motor tube to 29mm so I can use F/G motors. I will be using a screw cap for the motor retention. I also have plans to replace the tube launch lugs with rail type. I was hoping to get a little advice here on any other changes I might want to make to upgrade the Estes kit? Are the 24” parachutes OK? What kind of shock cord set up should I use? Etc etc. Looking forward to discussing some of these things, this will be my largest rocket to date and I want to make it safe and fun to fly……..


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Jun 17, 2011
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Don't commit to parachute size until the build is complete and it's sitting on the scale with a empty reload case(if that's your propulsion of choice). Other than that, I'm in the same boat except I have two to build. A BT101 version with Boyce 3D printed parts, and a gelcoat nosecone version using MAC Performance tube and a 38mm hole...