My December Mid-Power Fleet

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Jan 17, 2009
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I've been flying a great deal of mid-power recently. I've really been enjoying flying "G's" over high power in the recent economic climate.
Here is a picture of my December mid power fleet .

note -The Sprint is High Power. There are two Launch Pad Rockets - the Alarm and the Type 30. The Public Missile MR-1 is one of my favorite Mid power rockets.

The Green rocket is a recent scratch build called the "The Green Hornet". This is made from heavy mailing tubes. All scratch - nothing purchased.
The Green Hornet on a G64 at takeoff
Cool stuff. I love the Launch Pad kits and I love the mid-power range. You still get some fun flights on nice motors without so much cost and I find mid-power models generally look cooler than a lot of HPR stuff.
Nice rockets! Man, if your gonna fly a GREEN Hornet, it's gotta have a GREEN flame!:p It would look awesome going up on a G76G!:D