Music Break: Post Your Favorite Songs from 2010-2019...

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I'm guessing this thread won't get much play with this forum's demographic. :p Gotta do my part, then. Screaming Females rock and this cover is badass.

I always liked this cover. Man I miss the old AV Club. The current version of that website is just awful.

Am I …. am I about to go on an AV Club Undercover reminiscence? Yes, yes I am.

More from a few genres, probably not too many here share my enthusiasm for these bands, but I'll post them anyway.

Metalcore - most here won't like the screaming. This band was in a bad accident on tour. This song is about their road to recovery and hits close to home to me. We can follow patients until they leave the hospital, but that is often the beginning of their recovery.

Indie rock / Alternative - pretty much the opposite in style to the above song.

Punk - The band that got me into the underground music scene is grown up and still kicking. As we all get older, what's important tends to change.

This one is a ballad from a metal band with unique blend of genres. This song and video are about coping with loosing a family member to dementia.

Post hardcore - I met these guys when they first started touring and we booked them to play in a community center. I like this clever blend of Back to the Future and 1984.
Everyone: "People lose their accents when they sing."
The Chats: "Hold my beer."

I almost feel it is out of place here.
I just never get tired of listening to and watching this one....

I've been able to watch the entire concert, but this one and

just keep me coming back again and again.
Few people would get the privilege of playing Duane Allman's gold-top Les Paul (the very one you hear dueling with Clapton on Layla)

A ghostly late model blues tune written by Marcus at 18 yrs old, he's 20 playing it here at the Allman Bros. Museum:

OMG! Thanks so much for turning me on to Postmodern Jukebox.
I just lost two + hours on You Tube listening to them!
I've heard Haley Reinhart before but had no idea of her involvement here.
Some of these are pretty good.
This version of the 4 Seasons original came out in 2017, but has gotten popular in the US over the past couple months. The band is from Italy.

Too Many Zoos started out busking in Union Square in NYC

You could spend a day watching all the videos people have posted of them playing in the subway. This is one of the best ones in terms of quality.