Music Break: Post Your Favorite 90s Songs

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The movie was from the 2000's but the song originally came out in the 90's

then there's the Cranberries, Linger, Zombie, etc.

This one might be a little obscure for this crowd. Gene Eugene had a studio called the Green Room and produced, mixed, or otherwise lent his talent on many of the records which were influential on me as a teenager.

[ok, written in the 80's, but first recorded and released by the Band in the 90's, then remastered recently]]
Helmet - Meantime, FBLA II, Milquetoast, Streetcrab
Soundgarden - Like suicide, My wave, Room 1000 years wide
Janes Addiction - anything off Kettle Bell or Ritual
Cult - pick one
Queensryche - Jet City Woman, Silent Lucidity
Sublime - Santeria
The Crystal Method - Busy Child, Keep Hope Alive, Trip Like I Do
TOOL - Everything
The Prodigy - Narayan, Smack My Bitch Up, Funky ****, Charley

id be here all week trying to remember the best of each year...remember peaches? they come in can, they were put there by a man...? how bout hobo himpin slobo babes? an amazing amount of good stuff came out in those ten years...and 4x as much crap.

Limp Bizkit was a thing and some of you helped...