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May 10, 2011
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I just took our digital camera outside, and took a few pics of the moon. They came out so good, I think ill take pics every day or every other day to show how the phases change... This camera is better than I thought... To zoom in on an object goodness knows how far away, and get a decent pic of it...:cool: If only I had this camera back when the moon was really close to earth....:(
Heres one I zoomed in on at the expense of resolution....:)
actually pretty decent considering it was taken from a regular camera. It is amazing to look at the moon from a 4" reflector. Sometimes it is so bright it is hard to look at for long periods of time
Ha ha. (you are kidding right?;) )

If only i had a 4" reflector... Actually, my friend has a decent sized telescope we might be able to use... Well have to try that sometime...
Originally posted by Neil
I just took our digital camera outside, and took a few pics of the moon. They came out so good

OK, fess up! What brand/model camera? Features (especially optical and digital zoom)? Price?

How's this model for shooting rockets?
Its a Fujifilm S5000, 10X optical zoom, 2X digital zoom. Its will be exelent for shooting rockets, too. It has this rapid-fire picture feature so you can just hold the button down during the launch and get a dozen or so pics:cool: It can also do video and sound recording. It can do a 30 second video on a standard 16 MB card. It can do 30-35 pics at normal resolution on the stock 16MB card. We might get a 128MB card so I dont have to hook it up to the computer as often.

You can go to the Fujifilm website to take a look... I think its Im not sure though. Well see if that link works or not.

You can set the shutter speed from 1/10 of a second to 1/1000 of a second for rockets:cool: :eek:
Hey Neil
I proved there was water on mars with my digicam.

Well, I just went out and took some more... Heres the best one.:)

Ill post the bloated one in a sec...
These pics were taken at different times of teh day, (about 2 hours apart relative to sunset) so they may be a little off... It looks like it is tilted a bit differently in the more recent pic...

Heres the bloated version.
Originally posted by Ryan S.
an 8" refractor is even better :p

Ooh, ooh - and a 30" reflector just about fries your eyeballs !

Seriously ! Way back in 1980 I was doing an astronomy course at the local tech school. The instructor had an ex student who was doing her Masters degree at Mt Stromlo on the 30" scope which was reserved for students.

With a bit of arm twisting he got the class an hour on this 'monster' one night. We had fun even finding eyepieces for it (who actually looks down a scope nowadays ?). We all gasped at Omega Centauri - a globular cluster of stars in the Southern skies which blew me away.

The next thing you know someone asks if we can look at the moon. The Masters student looks at us all a little oddly then says that it will be very difficult !

"How can this be ?" I wondered, after all it is pretty hard NOT to see it in the sky ! Then she explains that it isn't something you can track easily with the big scope...

Not to be deterred someone took the control paddle and the rest of us just eyeballed along the scope's body tube - "Up a bit, left, left a bit more..." You get the picture :D

The tough part was that the Moon moves so quickly in the sky that we would position the scope on the leading edge and by the time we were ready to change observers we had to completely reposition the beast.

The sad part is that the Canberra bushfires on January 18 last year not only destroyed homes and took some lives, but they completely gutted the Mt Stromlo observatory...

Now they are debating how much of it they will rebuild because the city of Canberra is encroaching too closely with way too much light pollution.


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