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It's Friday 7:38 EDT.

The tapping you hear is my fingers....

Don't tease the rocket people -> they can be grouchy.
Make that 13....

I won't let this one pass me by. Mark me down for one Shrox.

Will you take a pre-order PayPal, or do we wait until May 21st?

Put me down for one too!

I guess that leaves eight... Hope I'm not too late!
Hi Shrox,

I'd like one too and I sent an email to that effect. Not really sure how you are tabulating or whatever.

I'm sure looking forward to it though!

Len Bryan
9 are called for so far, that leaves six left! Just email me, that has ended up being how it is decided.

It's today! Go to https://www.shrox.com/shrockets.html to get what you really, really want! If you already expressed interest you will be recieveing an email from me about it entitled "SHX15BPayPal". Various viruses have picked my email address from some address books and are circulating about the web, so I don't want to cause you any problems! Check the subject of the email.

All gone! In just three hours 12 of them went. The rest are now spoken for aswell. I'll be making more in a while, but next will be the SHX-3B (and a new thread of course.)

Mr. Shrox,
When I ordered your Squid rocket and paid via PayPal I also asked you to email me when your other two kits will be available as I wanted to purchase both. Now I see that your taking reservation via this forum. So now I'm posting, please save me one...


Jim H.
Hi Jim,

They were gone a month ago, notice the date of the last post, 05-23-2004. There will be more SHX-15Bs soon however.