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Feb 2, 2009
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Anyone have experience with their kits? The 4" Aries and Moon Raker's look like nice big 'uns for a good price. I hear they have to be glassed, though.
I've never built any of their kits, but they look nice, especially the 9.25" series. Word of caution though, I wouldn't order directly as i've never gotten any replies to my emails directly to them. However, you can get all their kits, from 2" to 11.5" from Rocket Rage. They aren't listed on the site, but email Carl and he'll get it to you real quick.

I have always looked at that 9.25" V2 VERY fondly:D Someday I might have to get one for myself. It's a thing of beauty on M1939

I found them via RGM Rockets. Looks like a reputable enough dealer.
Seems to me an Aries or Moon Raker at only 80 or so bucks is a good deal. With upgrades for glassing, chutes, etc. it would probably only cost about $120 total for a good L2 rocket.
Maximum Thrust Rocketry a.k.a. Rocket Dynamic Systems...

I have built the RDS Quasar...Very nice kit. Tubes have no glassine finish, so glassing is a breeze as there is no tube prep. Nice pre-beveled 1/4" ply for the fins...nice models too :D

Came with a Rocket Rage parachute too I believe...
Here is a pic of my finished Quasar, this thing is huge!!

I could not leave well enough alone, this rocket is reinforced with kevlar(R), 6 oz. glass, and was moded to have a 3" motor mount. I hope to fly it on a 3-grain 76mm Sorbitol motor at the end of this month. Should be a Full K or baby L...
Thanks for the input. I've heard their beveled fins are really nice. I always bevel by hand but it'd be nice to have it already done so my only real mod is glassing. And if I get a fibersock, that'll be a breeze. Overall they look like a good way to get introduced to "advanced" building techniques.
I'm trying to get in touch with them as well. No luck 'till now. I contacted them trough the e-mail on their site. I recently bought a Rocket Rage 'chute and asked Carl: he is no longer selling their stuff... could anyone help?
Got the reply from Daniel Isdell. Very detailed and keen to help... he was just out for the week. So MTR rockets are back... started really to think about my L3 now :D ...
I have the Quasar modified for dual deployment. I did not glass it, but I did coat the phenoloc with West Systems and snaded it smooth. It does not need to be glassed unless you are planning on using very fast high thrust motors. My flies just fine a Hypertek K240. These are really nice kits.