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Mar 20, 2015
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Several misc items would like to deliver to BALLS due to shipping $.

Polecat 10" coupler and tube about 16" $40

Many 38mm and 54mm cardboard tubes 46" long

2 Performance 38mm FWFG tubes 48" $30ea

1 Performance 5.5" FWFG nose cone metal tipped Von Karmen 7:1 $80

2 PML 7.5" phenolic coupler $15ea

Several PML couplers and tubes 36" 29mm 38mm and 54mm maybe a few 2.6" $5-$10ea

Aeropack 98 to 75 motor adapter. $40

Aeropack 98mm motor retainer $50

CTI 98mm spacer regular and spacer xl as well as both size smoke and igniter kits.

Maybe some more items as I dig around.