launch rod limit?

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I'm not sure of a weight limit, but I fly all my LMR's up to 3 lbs for a 1/4" x 6 foot 316L Stainless steel Launch rod. Like this 5 D12 cluster converted NCR Brighthawk.
Mirco thats one nice rocket you have !
It depends on what launch pad your using , I think the max you can use on a estes porta pad is a D or a E , there to darn heavy and flip the pad at launch.
I'd say 5 pounds would be pusing the limit. I also don't use lugs on rockets really tall or somewhat tall and heavy. My G-Force when put on the pad wiht a 1/4 inch rod is very "rocky".
ok, thanx guys
OT: are rail buttons easy to put on? how do you put them on?
Originally posted by Micromister
I fly all my LMR's up to 3 lbs for a 1/4" x 6" 316L Stainless steel Launch rod.

A six inch long launch rod?

I know, I know, he meant six FOOT long, but with all the new guys here on TRF asking questions and all, I just didn't want to take a chance on anyone actually trying this with a six inch rod . . .