K and S Rockets will be closed for LDRS

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Jan 17, 2009
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K and S Rockets will be closed from June 29th till July 8th for LDRS. We will be at LDRS from July 2 through July 6th.

If you are looking for items at LDRS from K and S Rockets get your order in before June 26th so we can make sure we have what you want. We are bring chutes, nomex items, ejection charge canisters and more but will have a limited supply with us. You can place your order through our site. You will be charged shipping and when you pick up your order at LDRS we will give back your shipping fee. If you do not pick your order up at LDRS we will then just ship it to you after we get back. When placing your order put in the comments box that this is for pick up at LDRS.

Looking forward to seeing you at LDRS.

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We are now closed till we come back from LDRS on July 8th. For those going to LDRS please stop by are tent.

Hope to see you at LDRS