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Mar 1, 2009
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LOC onyx.
i'm impressed with the price and size of this model, plus, i love those short fat rockets, especially when they zip into the sky on a high thrust G or F. next time i'll go aerotech, when i win the lottery, their kits are expensive, but i'll definately give them a try. i just have 7 G80-10T's that need to be put to use, and i need a rocket that will stay in this atmosphere. i would've thrown one in my Aura, but it would've been to the moon before the burnout. lol. any experiences with this rocket, feel free to chime in. i'll post pics of the finished rocket once im done with it.
Yeah, loc prices aare nice and low. Great quality! Good luck on your Onyx!!!
I like teh Onyx too! as you both, love then 'short & fat' (but not my women!! :D )

Binder desings are pertty good too..
very well packaged!

Look at their 'bat', 'spike' and 'gansta'.

From this end (canada) LOC aren't necessarily the cheapest. Common yes, but not really all that cheap!
Onyx,good choice! very versitile if you don't over build it.
I have an Onyx hanging on the wall waiting to be built so I will be interested in your build and finish photos. I'm just finishing a Big Daddy modified for E engines. Just put the first coat of primer on but still haven't decided on the finish . I doubt I'll use the decals that came with it.
I've been looking at the Onyx with the intention of a 24mm BP cluster. 24/29mm AP is non-existent on this side of the pond. :( BUT, with the current exchange rates, LOC products are dead cheap for us Brits to by Stateside :D
after the painting mess i made with my loc aura, im going to approach this one totally different. i think im going to cut out fiberglass letters for the ONYX and glue them to the BT, then im going to sand it down like crazy, until its still dynamic, but not too obvious. then im going to prime it and all that jazz, im thinking of a gold flaked ruby red for the letters, and maybe a flat silver for the rest...i want the letters to jump out though. im going to ask my buddy who works in a spray booth to do some shadowing. hopefully it looks insane when it gets out. i probably wont want to fly it after its done. im going to take it to the last CMASS launch of the season and put it up on a couple G80's. it probably wont be done paint by then, so that will be one of my winter projects. i'll definately post pics though.