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Feb 29, 2004
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Well, we've been in business a little more than a month, and I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has patronized our little corner shop on the web. We have done better than expected with little more than word of mouth advertising here on TFR.

We now have a solid core of different manufacturers kits available. We offer the entire kit line of Semroc, Custom, Starlight, and Sunward. We also have the "best of" line of Fliskits and hope to add more FlisKits in the near future.

What's coming up? We will be adding Rockethead Parachutes next week. Also we will be adding Holverson Designs launch pads and Fun Rockets RTF kits next week. We'll let you know when they're ready to ship. If you're looking to purchase a launch pad, Holverson designs slider pad is one of the best. It is highly recommended!

I know... "EEEWWWWW why fun Rockets?!?". For those of you who don't know, Fun Rockets are Holverson designs rockets that were made using cheaper styrofoam parts, assembled and packaged in China, and are basically ready to fly. They are NOT EVEN CLOSE to being as nice as the original Holverson designs kits. That being said, they do, arguably, fly pretty well, and we will be selling them dirt cheap. Maybe if we can get these bought up, Mr. Holverson will be able to get back to manufacturing the originals! (if someone wants to expand upon the Holverson - Fun Rockets story, be my guest)

In the not to distant future - we are in the process of acquiring Custom motors, launch controllers and possibly their kits. Probably just the motors and controllers. Also, we are looking into to carrying Aerotech and or LOC-Precision kits.

Please let us know what you need, what you want, what we're doing right and what we're doing wrong.

Again, thanks for your support .

John (not Jon) Arthur
Here's a quick positive plug for I recently ordered an Edmonds Ecee Thunder kit. To my disappointment I received a Deltie Thunder, a kit I already own. Upon sending John an Email, he responded quickly and took action. I had a replacement kit within 2-3 days. FAST replacement service. To boot, John even through in a bonus for the error. THAT's what I call GREAT SERVICE. Fast turnaround, customer service, and small perks to make up for a mistake *any* vendor can make.

THANKS AGAIN! I will be ordering from again soon.
Yep -

Just to add, I've been bugging Jon about the Custom (brand) nose cones he will be carrying. He has been very responsive, and those of you who are also interested, he says they should be in this coming week (site update coming in the next day or two.)

I have my stash of goodies all picked out!
I to wish to give John an attaboy. For taking the time to chat and answer all my question when I palced my order for two Fliskits. Delievery in three days almost to the hour. Thanks John for the GREAT SERVICE. I plan on ordering again. Great Web Site.

John :)
Yes, the launch pads are in, along with the Fun Rockets.

The slider pad is priced at 28.95 and the Tri-Pad is only 38.95. These are nominal reductions in price from the suggested manufacturer's price, but they qualify for FREE SHIPPING! Quite a savings, since they are pretty heavy.

Also, we have a discount on a "club special", that will consist of 4 slider pads and 2 tri pads for only 170.00 (shipping included).

We should have them up on the website soon. I was going to put them up yesterday, but I was forced to launch rockets instead! A note on the launch: I was really eager to try out one of the Holverson pads as I hadn't ever used one before. I was very pleased with the results. I used the slider pad, and it has a 1/4", 1/8" and a 3/16th" launch rod included. They are quick and easy to change and are stored on the pad itself. It is made of very fine wood a painted bright red. It is a sturdy pad that I expect to use for years and years. Anyone who gets one of these pads will not be disappointed.

If you, or anyone else want one before they are posted on the website, just let me know.

John (not Jon) Arthur
Well John,

You've motivated me!

I just sent you an order....I'm a sucker for shiny red launch pads...