John Glenn died

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Wait, what?

I recently heard that he was hospitalized and had the feeling his time might be coming soon.

Godspeed John Glenn indeed!
I got the opportunity to meet him in 1997 while I was still in the USAF. He was the Honored Guest Speaker for the dedication of the "Spirit of Ohio" B-2 Bomber. I was a Crew Chief at the time. A true red-blooded American! God speed John Glenn!

My earliest memory as a kid was watching Alan Shepard’s flight. And I know I saw Glenn’s too, probably the one above, CBS.

The video below, a NASA movie from 1962, is said to have been shown in movie theaters. Wow, I do not think I saw that (probably too young at age 5 to go to movies). This is a good quality copy of the movie. Shows pre-launch, launch, on-orbit, and landing. With a lot of onboard movie camera footage of Glenn.


BTW - due to a (false) indicator that the landing bag had deployed, meaning the heat shield may have been loose, the flight was cut short, at 3 orbits. This is why the footage of landing shows it in the water already, as there was no aircraft carrier at that contingency landing site, only a destroyer which was not prepared with long range cameras or helicopters (so no footage of the capsule coming down on the chute). After he landed, and was taken aboard the destroyer, he was then picked up by a helicopter (winched up inside, as it could not and on deck), and taken to an aircraft carrier.
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Fighter pilot, astronaut, senator and husband (73 years). America has lost a true hero and good man. I wish the elected officials of today were more like him, respectful, patriots, etc.
:sigh: A true hero and, great American in a time when we need more people with the commitment and, integrity that he lived his life with-
A great man.

So sad that some believe space to be a hoax, or that some don't even know who he is.
A great man.

So sad that some believe space to be a hoax, or that some don't even know who he is.

You run into "Those" people too?!

How quickly we forget the past and, how eager we are to look ahead into the future that we hit the tree of life right in front of us....*B:surprised::surprised:MF!*
So I brushed off my Apogee Saturn V that's been sitting in the basement for 12 or 13 years and flew a memorial flight for John Glenn today. Was an awesome flight in remembrance of an incredible American!