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Apr 21, 2011
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I am in the build proccess of a North Coast Rocketry- Interceptor G
and I could really use some imput from anyone that has info on this rocket.
Mainly CP or CG measurements or a Rocsim file.
I obviously had to replace the stock motor mount.
The new mount is PML with 1/8" ply CRs along with a slimline retainer. This whole assembly is way heavier than the original so I am concerned about stability.
If anyone has one built stock that can give me a CG measurement or knows where the CP is please let me know.
While I can't give you the CP or CG, I don't think the mods you made will affect it at all. It is a pretty heavy kit when built stock, at least mine was. The AT motors have no problem lifting it. And your CR's are going to help displace the weight, so I wouldn't worry. If you feel it is too heavy, you could always add a little weight in the nose cone.
Oh yeah, if you haven't already done so, replace the stock MMT. It is only 28mm. I found that out AFTER I built mine, so make sure you replace it with a 29mm MMT.

I built mine same as you (and I always overbuild - it's my problem, I can live with it :p ) Mine weighs in at 22oz without recovery system or motor.

It's a great flyer on the AT G35-5 econojets (can you still get them?) First flight was on an AT F40-4W it was a straight flight but a bit slow and low. There is plenty of fin and I've never had a stabilty problem. Flies fine in wind too.
LOL now I feel like an idiot.
I found the CP and CG locations.
Right on the last page of the instructions.:p
Thanks for the replys.