I started my first scratch build.

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Jan 25, 2004
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Well, I started my first scratch build today. I decided to use a Crayon. It is going to have a cluster of 1-29 and 4-24's. I got the motor mount built, and I will try to get the pictures on here later tonight. I decided to try something else that I have never tried before. I decided to make a fincan. Does anyone have any advice, because right now I am having a little trouble cutting the fins right...

Are they lexan?:D :D Yeah, I know how to cut those...chainsaw should work!;)

Seriously, are they though?
Ya, there lexan. I cut them with a table saw, but I measured and everything, but for some reason they never come out right.
There are machines at Home Depot that will score the Lexan for you to the exact size you need. Then all you have to do is snap it. This only works for rectangles.
Well, of coarse squares too...but it will not always come out evenly if you do it in squares. But the Home Depot will sometimes even break it in the pieces for you if you want. We had that same problem at the beginning of our production. PM me if you need more help or would like me to send some fins to you or just the measurements that will work out with those sheets.
G-10 is the only way to go. I love the stuff I even make my CR's out of it. (just my 2 cents) Have fun with the build;)
Originally posted by karatekicker271
Well, I started my first scratch build today. I decided to use a Crayon. It is going to have a cluster of 1-29 and 4-24's.
What are you planning on putting in those mounts? Be warned - if there's an AP motor in the 29mm mount and BP motors in the 24mm mounts, you'll need to give some thought to ignition. If you try to ignite the whole lot simultaneously from electrical igniters, the BP motors will fire first. Worst case: the rocket may lift off under-powered and tip over, just in time for the 29mm motor to light and send the thing on a high power horizontal trajectory...

Good luck on the build, and as nobody else has said it yet - we want pictures! :D
an F20-4w and some good e's with slow ignition times would work nice. in my opinion anyways. im not exactly the most knowledgable when it comes to the scientific perspective of all that.
i do know the f20-4w is a fast burning boost of thrust, if the rocket was staged it would be better in my opinion. clusters are always tricky. as posted above unless they ignite perfectly it can cause a problem