I LAUNCHED rockets today!

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Jan 30, 2009
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Today was beautiful, not too much wind. I decided I wanted to see if I could improve on my DIGITAL camera launch shots. I thought I would fly my Launch Pad NIKE-AJAX. I love this rocket but it always seems to be a production to get it ready. The 3 D12-5 cluster is not a problem. I guess it's just that its a BIG ROCKET, BIG AIR, on a small field, and packing those 3 chutes (hoping they ALL deploy)! I am always debating on whether to go to ONE BIG CHUTE, but it was designed for 3 and they look SO COOL!:D I just get nervous trying to FIELD prepare it, so I do it at home...it just feels BETTER! But on some occasions, I have done ALL the work and not been able to launch!:mad:
This is the way I pack the 3 chutes. Each one individually folded and wrapped with the shroud line and then stacked together. If someone has a better way, tell me, but this has ALWAYS worked so far!:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Of course, before the first picture, I put 3 sheets of Estes wadding followed by DOG BARF before I stuffed in the stacked chutes. Then followed by the folded shock cord.:eek: :eek:
Ok, now out at the field. Still MORE wind than I would like! Well, what to do? First up...SCREAMING MIMI! This is a nice flyer, subtle whizzing on motor burnout on D12-5!:p :p
Launch shot: still a little early, but I do see some FIRE!:p Unfortunately, the nose cone got tangled in the shroud lines and chute was ineffective... landed tail-first on top of nose cone with no chute.:mad: Nose cone was cracked and actually saved body tube and fins from extensive damage! :p Good! I do like this rocket!!
Next up, Estes PYTHON!!! Estes PLEASE bring back this group!!! SM-3 SEAHAWK, PRO TERRIER-SANDHAWK, PYTHON!!! Great flyers!!;) ;)
PYTHON launch on another D12-5...still a little early. You can recover this rocket on a SMALL field! The space allotted for the chute is a bit small though!:rolleyes:
Ok, wind has died down some...I guess it's TIME for the BIG DAWG!!!:( :( (oh do we HAVE to? I guess that's what we came out here for!!):rolleyes:
Let's see, WHAT did I do at home? Chutes, wadding, DOG BARF, motors...WHAT is that WIND doing!!!:( :( .......JOHN, how many lights do you have on the continuity indicator???....OK, on 3 D12-5s...we have LIFTOFF!!!!:cool:
Those 3-chutes sure look good....makes it worth all the trouble....hmmm sure is hanging up there....there's that pesky road coming close...keep going....go across that road!!! That ROAD is ALWAYS like a MAGNET!!!:mad: .......OHH!! NOOO!!!:confused: :confused:
ANYBODY ELSE HAVE DAYS LIKE THIS???:( :( Wow, one of the prettiest rocket flights I ever had. Look...ONE CHUTE, ONE POWER LINE....in ALL THAT SPACE!!!!
;) ;)
I feel your pain.

Check it in the morning, maybe it will fall during the night.

Man, do I feel your pain.

John (not Jon) Arthur

Pay me $20, and pay for the airplane ticket, and ill bring my bow down there with some broadheads and slice that sucker down for ya.:D Just get a machete, and throw it at the cord, making sure that you hit just above the rocket, and way away from the power cords! I wouldent try to pull it down, however....:D :eek: :(

Thats one purty lookin rocket... I dont know how all these other people get these nice paint jobs... I can never figure it out!!!!!!!!!!:( :kill: :eek: :eek:
Ouch ! Please say you've recoverd it now , or I may have to fly over there and try and get the £$*"£* down lol ! What is that rocket anyway , is it a kit or scratch buit ? What ever it is is **** nice!
My deepest sympathies. Any chance the power company would recover it for you?
Ouch - that hurts to see her stuck up in those lines - That is probably one of the worst feelings you can have - especially with all the work you must have took to build it. I hope you manage to get her down - Good Luck
The power company will *certainly* remove it, but it may not be in a timely manner. They don't want your rocket hanging off of their power lines any more than you do :)

I would give them a call about it. I've had this happen many times. Once they charged me a service call. More often than not, they get such a kick out of the rocket that they are pleased to be able to help.

Thanks for shareing the launch report. That NIKE-AJAX is one cool looking bird.

I seriously hope you manage to get her back. Just think, our govenments spend thousends & thousends of our £/$s on getting rockets to hit pin point targets, like power lines! :rolleyes: ;)
I'm just wondering. About how high off the ground is it? It appears from the angle that the pic was taken, that it's about ....10 - 20ft. in the air?? One of those tree trimmers that extends out 20 ft. or so and you could just cut it off at the shockcord. I wouldn't go near the power line though, not worth the possible injuries.
what about those long tree trimmer rod things... the ones that have the blade and the little cutter at the end... if you have one just cut the shock cord and then make yourself a new nosecone...
I'd be concerned about the electricity going down the shock cord and into you.
I would consider calling the utility company that owns the transmission lines and see if they can help. They don't like things on their lines either, and may be willing to come and get it down. On the other hand, they may hit you with a service charge - time to weigh the costs of rebuild vs recovery.

o man that stinks, though it looks pretty close too the ground....can you cut it down?

Also, I doubt any electricity is going to come down the shockcord, I dont think shockcords are very conductive at all.
A good pair of rubber gloves & rubber soled shoes should be enough to protect you from the amount of current knicker elastic can conduct.

NB: That last sentance contains the word should! I wouldn't risk it, personally, and would get the electricity board to help.
Originally posted by Ryan S.
I dont think shockcords are very conductive at all.
Just had a 'shocking' thought - What if it rains, and the cord gets wet! That would make it a VERY effective conductor! :eek:
Whoa... that Nike is stunning! And I suppose with 3 chutes, it tripes the chance of one getting caught on something :(