I got a Richter Recker for $10

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Jan 18, 2009
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Fort Myers, FL
I got a Richter Recker for $10 from one of my fellow club members this past weekend.

I had one heck of a weekend too. One perfect PML Matrix flight on an H242T and a beautiful flight of my Stealth on an I161W, then I scored a Fliskits Richter Recker for $10.

I've already started building it too, very nice kit. Thanks Jim for this awesome design. I'm just wondering how much paint I'm going to need or if I should hire a house painter:D
Good Deal, You will like that rocket. Looks awesome in flight!!! Oh, lots of paint, a whole lot of paint:D


Heck, they cost ME more than *that*!!!! :D :D :D

man, *i* would love to score one for $10...


good buy, good kit, lotta paint... or, you could consider wall paper... :p
Very true. With my luck, it'd come out looking like crap. That's somewhat like trying to attach bookcovers when I was in school, I could never do it.

I'm thinking of doing a red, white and black scheme along with the decals.
instead of wallpaper, get some of that aquarium backing! or try a vinyl graphics store, they have some neat stuff.

my RR is still one of my favorites although it hasn't flown in a while. put a pack of E9-6s in it, you won't be sorry!!
Oh yeah, one more thing. Does anyone here think that this rocket could fly on three Aerotech E30-7T's without ripping the fins off?

Now, THAT would be a kick a** flight!!!
Hmmmmmmm! Im sure it would fly on E30's , but I would glass the fins just incase , and possibly cut the bodytube so it has through-the-wall fin slots , and internally fillet them aswell as outside.
great deal, it took more paint than my house. and it looked excellent in flight though i did loose the nose cone chute it landed unharmed after a very spectacular tumble to the edge of the road, the estes launch stand had to be weighted down to keep from falling over, but it was well worth the hastle. now to get another chute.:D