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HotRod Rockets

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Jan 21, 2009
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Official announcement.
This is a local contest for kids in the Massachusetts, New Hampshire area near the CMASS launch site.
If you know anyone who may be interested, let them know.
Schools, Scouts and Science clubs welcome. Individuals or teams.




Complete details at:

Here is the scoop:
Two classes. Middle school and High school.

LIMIT 20 contestants TOTAL. ENTER EARLY!
Contest will be held at the SPRING ( APRIL )
CMASS LAUNCH in AMESBURY, Massachusetts.
Contestants: check for CMASS Launch updates:

The Basics:
1. Enter
2. You will get your kit in the mail.
3. Build it.
4. Fly it. Contest is in Amesbury, Ma. During the Spring CMASS launch.
6. Keep the rocket it's yours.

All competitors MUST PRE-ENTER!
Registration begins Jan 15, 2010 and closes March 15, 2010
HotRod Rockets will supply you with the contest kit and the Express cargo module kit.
All kits will be mailed out starting February 1, 2010 until March 15, 2010.
This gives participants at least one month for construction.

Enter via e-mail at [email protected]

Please include your current grade level in school!

Competitors will receive:
1.One Rocket Kit. Kit depends on your grade level.
2.One Express cargo module kit.
3.One entry form and score card. Bring this to the launch.
The Kit is free. After the contest keep it, it's yours.

There will be PLENTY of prizes.
As the list grows it will be posted on the official contest page.

.Good LUCK!
Tune in here for updates!

Registration begins tomorrow.:D Quite the buzz brewing from all the e-mail questions so far.

As it has been brought to my attention:
This is a contest for students in the Middle School and High School age range.

Competitors need NOT be affiliated with any School or School district.

Individual competitors or Teams are Welcome.
You decide which way you would like to compete. All will compete together in two different Challenges depending on age (grade level).

All are Welcome. Church groups, Scouts, 4-H, Science Clubs. Competitors do not need the permission of their School districts.

They would need a parent or adult guardian to be there on Contest Day if under 18. That's just normal rocketry procedure.

Hi, my son had a question. If the rocket separates into multiple pieces at apogee, how is the timing judged -- is it based on the time that the first piece lands, or is it the time that the egg payload lands. Thanks!!

You have him thinking like an engineer -- asking good questions about system design and payload construction.

Time is the time that the egg payload lands.

Just keep all parts returning safe.

You have him thinking like an engineer -- asking good questions about system design and payload construction.


MORE Questions and answers:

Via e-mail: Do we have to use all the Parachutes that came with the kit?

Answer NO. Included are two 18" HotRod chutes. Use one, use both, use something different.
BE creative!
This is THE weekend.

Weather looks good so far.

Get your HotRod Egglofters ready.

I'll bring the Eggs and some prizes.

Any last minute Questions?

Good Luck to all!