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Although I didn't get the small amount of money needed to buy the basswood strips to participate in this one.
I am very interested in participation of all that I can.
I have much in the area of normal building supplies, and now I have access to my launch area, I look forward to the next one.
I think it will be like many things just starting out. It will get more participants as time goes on.
Just in case you think not enough people got involved this time.

So.........what is next????
Here is my entry: The Cheez-It Rocket!

The first flight was a success!
Using 2x B4-4 1x D12-0.
Old build thread:

Pictures or it didn't happen!
View attachment 316155
View attachment 316154
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View attachment 316152

You Tube video:

Sorry I could not capture the whole flight, it flew straight then did a loop that ended in the parachute being ejected by the engines. It would totally make it past the RSO at a club launch (I am not a member of one yet), right???

I have a Toblerone rocket in the works... ;D

That looked like a lot of fun.
Congrats on the flight!
Hey everyone. Sorry we didn't hold a separate thread with voting and everything but there wasn't really enough submissions. Since people still enjoyed the builds and and seeing what others came up with I'll figure out the next one asap and let you all know. I hope to see some great rockets this summer.
And this is why you start small with these things, especially during the winter. :)

There are still two rockets I'm looking forward to seeing: Scotty Dog's finished product, and Incogruent's entry.
In case anyone is interested there are pictures of the X Wing in decals plus footage including slow mo launch.

Awesome. That close-up photo in flight is a winner.

I’m also working on a T70 X Wing to fly on G / H motor.

Looking great too. When you're done please post here since most folks in this hemisphere probably don't follow that ausrocketry forums. :)
hey everybody. I really want to apologize for abandoning this idea. My wifes mom passed away at the same time we bought a house and we became to busy for really any hobby activities. I hope you guys can forgive me. thanks for anyone who participated.
thanks. We are doing good now, its been a year since her mom passed and we are finally all settled in hence why I am back here making rockets.