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That's very cool,Al!Nicely laid out and very pro lookin'.Oh,and to answer your question;You pay her back by always trying to see as much as you can,never missing anything and never taking it for granted.At least that's my three cents,anyhow.
Originally posted by Hospital_Rocket

Here goes

Take alook
Please be gentle :p

Clean, concise, obvious navigation.
Good design.

The menu items seem to load or render slow.
Is there something coming in with them?

Only one section for everything other than rocketry.
Makes sense.
I agree with all of the comments thus far. The layout is great, easy navigation, very sharp overall. Now we're just all eager to see some pictures!
Originally posted by WiK
I like the intro :)

Flash is considered <a href="">harmful</a>
I like it alot ,except for the intro(just extra flash and not necessary) ,I would prefer to go straight to the homepage. nice clean layout tho.I wouldn't hesitate to bookmark it(and have). good job

  • The Flash intro just CATO'd
  • Some serious spelling checks done.
  • Couple of links fixed

One thing on speed. I built this using a Java based site builder called CM4ALL that came free with the web hosting. The HTML code is incredibly complex and probably about as efficient as I am first thing in the morning. Not sure if that explains it, however it's as good an excuse as any.:p
Originally posted by Hospital_Rocket
The HTML code is incredibly complex and probably about as efficient as I am first thing in the morning. Not sure if that explains it, however it's as good an excuse as any.:p [/B]

I would dump the images when the image is simply text.

Just an example-

There's no reason for consumuing all that extra bandwidth. You can get the
same effect by setting the background and text colors.

Looking Good!
Very nice! Thanks for including Rocketguts as a link! Hopefully it'll re-amp the orders, as we've had a drought recently.

looks very nice, color scheme is relatable and fitting, the navigation and the overall feel is refreshingly uncluttered, I really like the header and background also. Images are always a trade off of crisp quality vs. file size. you seem to be finding the link issues as we are. No sweat, websites are usually a work in progress and you'll learn plenty about how to smooth it out as you go. Great!

(planet) Andy
dude, that's awesome. high five. thats one of the top 3 coolest things i've seen in 04. without a doubt.
Cool tribute Hospital :) You should consider some sort of 'rocket mail' ir somesuch to go up in the payload.
Site looks fantastic.
I did notice a few spelling errors.
On the Karen's Rocket page, at the end of the first paragraph, the "i" should be capitalized and below the bottom pic, you have "Mos...." with the "T" left off of the end.
Interesting alternate spelling of "propeller" ;) though still correct.
The other spelling fox paw.
On the Biography page you ask, "Why HospitaRocket?" without the "L".
I mean nothing negative by my comments, just bringing them to your attention.
Did I mention that the site looks fantastic?

11B - Thanks, seems no matter how hard I look I can't track down all the speling errors.:p

Nomophobo - The page format, including the header was canned and came with my web hosting package ( I built the site using a Java based ASP tool(CM4ALL). First thing you do is pick a template and then begin typing.
That is a very nice tribute.

Until this year, I knew very little about the human eye. This spring (2004) my mother was in an accident and had to have 2 operations for a "Detached Retina" She came out of the second one with mixed results. Because of her age and 2 operations, she had a Cataract operation a few days before Thanksgiving. My best understanding of this, is that the doctors replace the actual "Lens". Her vision is a little better, but not nearly as good as the doctors had hoped for.

She has been told that this coming spring, she also might need a "Cornea" transplant because of some scaring. Right now, she doesn't want to think about such a serious operation.

I take it that you operation (transplant) was successful. I can only imagine what a life changing event it was.

I loved the look of your site! Really nice and clean looking... I HATE cluttered, chunky web pages! I'm bummed that I missed the Flash intro though...I LOVE flash!
My only suggestion is give a little color to the buttons and drop a TON of video on the site. Good job lad
Stories like Karen's Rocket is what makes TRF truely unique. It's about more than just building rockets.


Great website. A little slow to load on my connection, but that is not suprising. They don't even make modems as slow as the one I have to share. I was very impressed by the "Karen's Rocket" page. Fitting tribute.

Harm none,