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Feb 20, 2009
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I keep an eye on the steel scrap dumpster at work and one day I spied a sign holder that was destined to be scrapped. One look at it and it was obvious what it could be used it for. (don't you agree?)

I cut the 1/2" pipe off that held the sign, rethreaded the end and screwed a 1/2" floor flange onto the stub. The deflector was again made out of stainless steel scrap and bolted to the flange. Two holes drilled in the pipe were threaded to 1/4x20 and bolts screwed into the pipe holds up to 1/2" launch rods dropped into the pipe. The steel is 3/16".

If a person had a welder it would be easy to fab. It is bulky but makes a great launch pad.
Good Grief Swimmer!
Ah Ha ha ! that one's gotta be a handful to carry around:D:D I thought I went overboard when I built my semi-Selfcontained 45lb Solar-capacative discharge and Relay Launcher that will take up to 3/8" x 6foot Stainless launch rods... but you've got me Way beat:D:D Amazing what we can find laying around.. and I'm in the sign business:(
thats quite a launch pad:)
it definately needs to be tested out;)