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Dec 24, 2003
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One of the old dawgs where I fly uses bell wire and a kit by Igniterman to dip his own igniters. Apparently that kit is no longer made. Does anybody know if there is a similar product out there?

Or, feel free to begin posting on home brew igniters.
I use a paired single-strand copper wire setup with a 36g Nichrome bridge... dipped in ground 4F and a nitrocellulose laquer..(acetone and dissolved ping-pong balls)..... works great for me.
Besides.. if the weather's bad and you can't launch, you can always pop the ignitors off in the drive-way... looks like the Fourth of July.....:)
My personal recipe that's worked without failure from E's up through H and I motors is to use a nitrocellulose lacquer (ping pong balls in acetone--a six-pack of ping pong balls to 8 oz acetone), then using graphite as a conductor. You'll be mixing smaller amounts of the mixture with graphite as you'll be mixing it to the consistency of syrup (enough to coat, but just shy of beading up on the end when you dip). Then, dip in a pyrogen mixture. I've used the Firefox stuff to great success.