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May 25, 2004
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Need a program (Help)

Im looking for some type of program that I can install on the kids computer that will only let the coputer come on when I want it to and go off when I want it to. Im tired of the kids getting up super early to get on the computer or staying up super late on it. I want to be able to set the time of each day that the computer can be used. Anyone know of such a program.

You can set a user password so only you can log onto the computer at any time. Downside is you have to be there every time to log them on.

Otherwise, I've found a size 10-1/2 EEE to the backside works wonders with my kid... :D
If it was not password protected, your kids would be restricted for one day then they would probably figure out how to hack it.

However, you could use one of those safety interlock kill switches that you need a key to turn back on, so you would have complete control over the computer.
I just want some program were I can set the computer to turn off on weekdays at 8pm and weekends at 11pm.

There are programs available to do things like this. Cyber Patrol has the feature you are looking for, I believe. Do a Google search for "internet monitor software" and you will find many options. I have experience with some of these types of programs and I can tell you that it gives you peace of mind and control. They can invisibly scan in the background, or you can let the kids know that "Big Brother is Watching" at ALL times. My kids are a little young for internet use yet, but I WILL install one of these at the appropriate time.
I think I found just want I want with Aye parent control.

This one will do wnat you want. In fact it will do something really neat. You can issue the kids diskettes with alloquats of time. If they use it up, then they wait for their next ration.

Fortress Time Limit Manager

We used the Fortress suite before we had ZENWORKS. Was a pretty solid lockdown.