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Jan 19, 2009
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Ok so i have the parts from the blue gnome that bit the dust on me. I would like to repaint them to be the colour of the green gnome. but my question is whats a good match to it? Does anyone know
I'm still looking for paint matches to this one.

i am thinking john deer green? what do yall think
I used Tamiya green brush-on acrylic. It looks pretty good (except where the red rocket next to it ate into the finish and made red spots - darned hot cars and acrylic paint!)

BTW - I think YORS has the scan of the original green gnome decal sheet.
great now i have no clue. I could use the parts for either :confused2:
Don't worry to much about it just, visit your local dollar store, pick up some assorted St. Patricks day stuff and build your own little jewel :roll: uses the same 13mm motors anyway;)

458a5_Pot-O-Gold Odd-Roc 2pic (128dpi)_03-10-07.jpg
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