Glue Shear Pins

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Jan 21, 2009
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I know about glue rivets, and I use them. What about glue shear pins? Anyone ever try that?

I'm thinking Elmers white glue, the polymer stuff. Assuming the moving surfaces have been treated to reduce porosity, ie CA or epoxy, the glue will basically just be a polymer plug in the hole.

Probably tough enough to help against drag separation, and to help keep that loose nose cone from falling out. Yet when the charge goes off it will give way easily.

Of course we're talking about mid power and the lower end of high power. Not the extreme stuff.

Any thoughts?
Why? It sounds like more of a pain than nylon screws, with less repeatability and the added possibility of gluing your nosecone on.
Let's say you don't glue your N/C to your body tube and you have a successful flight. How are new pins going to be installed for the next flight? The old ones would have to be drilled out. I don't think it's worth the effort.