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clearly no infringement there.

McDonalds is also famous for overreaching, for McEverything.

In fact I think I'll invent something called McEMouse, and get McDonalds, E-Bay, and Disney going after me! watch out Corporate America!
It's funny that he has that tired old Kokopelli figure on the swiping of a logo there.
Are you aware that SPARC International (a relative of "Sun Microsystems") has attacked Sparkfun Electronics in a similar way?

I imagine that a few of the folks on the Rocketry Forum might be SPARC or at least Sun customers. It might do some good if you informed your contacts at those companies that trademark trolling damages their company's reputation, and suggest that they rein in their lawyers.
sun's got it's own problems...i think they got served for that. apple really screwed up when they didn't buy em back when sun owned like 99% market share in online servers.