Flying From Coast To Coast To Coast at AirFest

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Nov 2, 2017
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Upstate NY
Two stage madness at AirFest. One flight on each of the first three mornings, before things go too hot temperature-wise. My goal was to use my NoseCam VOC systems to keep the sustainer vertical between motor burns in order to maximize coast time. And also to fly higher than I've ever flown before :)

Flight details summarized in the photo below.


The 2nd stage motor ignition criterion was to let the velocity drop to 60m/s before triggering (as long as the tilt was less than 10 degrees). This condition was meet for all three flights. Depending on the sustainer motor, it took different amounts of time for the sustainer to pressurize and generate thrust.

Below are graphs of the acceleration, velocity and tilt for the three flights. There is a slight tilt oscillation during flights #2 and #3, where I was using the 3rd generation NoseCam design. I need to make an adjustment to the servo loop tuning parameters to fix it.




I got video from the NoseCam on the second and third flights. Unfortunately, on the first flight the video camera decided to shut down a few minutes before launch. My best guess is camera processor chip overheated.

Flight #2 video:

Flight #3 video: