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Mar 18, 2013
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Hey, folks
I was making slow but steady progress with my Fliskits Tartar until I ran a sharp knife through the pattern for the lower fin wraps. My options seem to be:
1 - leave off the wraps
2 - get a PDF from someone forward thinking enough to copy the pattern sheet before slicing it up
3 - try and make my own from scratch

The instructions say they are needed to strengthen the fins but I have seen models finished without them.


Depending on how badly damaged the wraps are, you could always glue the pieces on and use CA to seal the joints. After the CA dries sand the joints lightly until smooth.
You could always make new ones out of left over or similar card stock.
Leaving them off is an option as well but they add strength to the root edge of a fairly thin fin. The wraps also enhance the scale appearance of the rocket too.
is the cut clean enough where you could glue stick it to a sheet of copy paper on the back side to repair it, then use it with the copy paper on the outside to hide the seam? Pictures?