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Jan 18, 2009
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[Maybe this should go in the Reviews forum....]

I've had the Flea for a while, I bought it September last year (With free shipping!). I think I built it pretty soon after. I painted it last week, then set it up to take a Fliskits PopLug kit. This is basically a launch lug that gets caught by a bit of tape on the top or the launch rod, so the rocket fly without the added drag of the lug! I wont go into details here...

Anyway, I fffiinnaalllyy got to launch it yesterday. It was at my first orgainised launch, and I was extremely nervous. Not because of the rocket or the fact it was its first flight, but because of the lug. I tried one on a Fliskits Cougar 660, earlier in the year, and it worked, but the two fins it was attatched to came off in flight. That may have been my not using enough glue, but I was still nervous.

Well I pressed the button, and it screamed off the pad, and weathercocked slightly after it went over the level of the hedge that was near the pad. The cloud cover was at about 1500 feet, and it had just started coasting as it went into them. About a minute later, I see this tiny black speck in the sky, getting bigger and bigger. I personally thing that the big black crepe streamer included with the kit is far more visible than the bright pinky-orange Estes ones! So while my Dad recovers it, I go and check the pad. The tape was still on top of the rod, and there was the lug, in perfect condition! :D :D :D

Well done Fliskits! For every high performance rocket I build from now on, I will put a Fliskits PopLug kit on it. The Flea is my all time favourite rocket! (At the moment ;) )

Woops forgot to mention that it went up on a C6-5. I know I should use a 7 second delay for little rockets like that, but there are *no* C6-7's in the country at the moment.
thank you :) The Flea is another unsung hero of our fleet (like the Praetor) and it's great to see folks getting the most out of it