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Flight Computer

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Oct 24, 2017
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Hello everybody, I am looking for a flight computer to my rocket. I would like that this flight computer could move micro servos with surface controls to compensate any spin or correct its trajectory. The measure can be at most 34mm in the shortest side, and as light as possible. I would like to know if it does exist,if yes, how much it costs,where can I buy It, and if you think that it's better if I assemble it by myself (with an Arduino and other sensors which I can buy).
You might want to look at the Eggtimer. If I'm not mistaken, I believe they have outputs for servos. They're a kit you buy and solder together.

Chris Erving (cerving) inhabits these whereabouts. He's the guy who makes them.

EDIT: I misread. ET does not have outputs for servos for flight control.
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You’re talking about having an active flight controller on the board to maintain attitude, not just move servos at specific times, right?

I flew my Quicksilver (RIP) with a Motolab Cyclone quadcopter flight control board. It’s cheap & certainly capable of doing that. It has gyros, accelerometers (up to 16Gs, so watch that), barometer, a micro SD card slot for data logging and a very capable CPU (STM32 F3). It’d take you doing a little bit of coding for the rocket-specific flight controls, but if you have those skills it’d be a straight forward project. With the typical gyro/accel16G limit on them, it’d be worth flying them without active controls first to make sure the orientation data and your control inputs look good.

There are tons of options for quadcopter flight control boards & most are under $50 with many in the $20 range. Look around for one with the capabilities you need. With some fairly minor mods, you could even control ejection charges.

I used mine with iNav software, a GPS, and a telemetry radio (FrSky XSR). I had real time telemetry on my ground station and pretty cool flight data.

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