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Jan 20, 2004
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Hello all,

A few months ago I was asking questions about clustering....well, I'm finally done my first cluster rocket. It started out as a Big Daddy and went from there. I made the 4x24mm CRs and fins from 1/8" ply and used 30min epoxy for most of the construction. I also went with a nylon chute and kevlar heat shield. I can't wait to launch the thing....I'll try to get pics when I do. Here's one of the finished rocket (man, I need to mop the floor soon!)

got any mount pics? i love seeing a buncha mmt stacked next to eachother :D
Looks good. What do you plan to fly it on initially? Also, are you going to use four motors or two for the first flight?
I'm gonna fly it on 4xD12-5s. I built it like a tank so it's pretty heavy. I'm curious to see how high it'll go. I can't get anything but BP motors where I'm at, so clustering is the only way.

You have simmed it and added enough noseweight, yeah?
Yes, I simmed it a while back....came in at around 900ft with the added nose weight. I don't have a good scale, but I have a feeling it's heavier than the sim said. My biggest concern is the 24" might come in a little to fast. On the other hand, LOC ships the Viper IV with an 18" chute, so it might be alright.