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Dec 12, 2011
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On behalf of the Edmonton Rocketry Club I wanted to let you all know that Fire And Ice is scheduled for February 18 at Viking Alberta. Alternative dates in case of bad weather are February 19, 25 or 26. Please check our web site at or our Facebook page for more information.

Our main flight will be our group rocket project flying on a CTI Pro75 L1115 Classic motor. This started in March of 2016 from Sunward who would provide a free high power CTI ProX line motor for Canadian club projects to promote rocketry across Canada for qualifying Canadian clubs.
Thank you to Sunward and CTI. This project was alot of fun and a great way to get members together to plan and build this tiny rocket.

The Mad Dog 6 kit was donated to our club from our member Art, thank you so much.

Awesome stickers printed by Mark at Stickershock23.

RocketBackView640x480.jpg RocketFrontView640x480.jpg GroupShotWithRocket640x480.jpg
Good luck with the launch weather and rocket flight.

Please post pictures of the event if you can.

Looks pretty sweet there guys! Have a good flight and please share some video!
Thanks guys, we are really looking forward to this flight. Hopefully I can get some good video and pictures together to post.