Sunward Hobbies Completes Website Upgrades and Re-launch

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Jan 18, 2009
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Toronto, ON Canada
Sunward Hobbies is proud to announce our completed website overhaul and re-launch.

The new website handles e-commerce for the Canadian market for general hobby products, Sunward rocketry, Hypertek, and the CTI ProX line of high power hardware.

These upgrades include:

  • more powerful dedicated server
  • new web software
  • new server back-end software
  • new database engine
  • more secure user passwords
  • new server security features
  • Extended Valuation (EV) SSL https certificate
  • user data encryption
  • drop down menus
  • mobile friendly layout
  • credit cards payment via PayPal and
  • display searches based on price, newness, and popularity
  • full integration of blog post to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
The website boasts a user-friendly, modern and colorful design for quick and easy access to all products and information.

The website redesign took over one year as we looked at a variety of platforms. After experimentation and research, we chose WordPress as a Content Management System and WooCommerce for the business and inventory side. WordPress is the most popular website management system in the world.

Although the overhaul changed, we plan to implement more improvements in the future. We will continue to listen to customer feedback and make changes to better your shopping experience.

CTI ProX line of rocket motors are listed and done on an quote basis. Sunward may implement changes in the future once stock supply is better established at CTI.