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Dec 6, 2017
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Would anyone take advantage of a fin beveling service? It seems like rocketers hate to bevel thick plywood, fiberglass, and carbon fiber fins due to the lack of equipment and the time it takes. I have some tool at my disposal including router, belt sander, and fin sled/jig. What would be a cost per inch, or per edge you'd be willing to pay?

PML offers this but for their fins only.
I used this once for my L2 project, and Giant Leap sent back the G10 fins perfectly done...but razor sharp. You could literally cut with them. I had to dull them up so as to not hurt or cut things. While perfect, they were too sharp and expensive, and I did not do that again.

Now, I only bevel the leading edge unless it's a MD altitude rocket. A friend made me some V-shaped sanding jigs, which work great after a rough bevel with a Dremel attachment. If I was doing a BALLS rocket where Aero really matters, I would either get the fins done 'professionally' (aka Space Cowboy) or get a Binder Design fin can that was ready to bolt on a motor tube.
I built a jig and use my table saw for the thicker stuff. I have to readjust the jig a bit for each edge and fin shape. Takes a little fiddling and time but gets the job done.

I can see buying fins cut and beveled but I wouldn't send fins in to have them beveled...well, I guess I might. But I would prefer not to. So as usual..I'm useless. LOL
I would probably pay a little more if that was an offered service for a kit I was buying. But I probably would not send fins out to be beveled. It isn't one of the most fun building jobs, but its only about 10% of a scratch build.