Featherweight iFIP unavailable until Friday 10/13

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Adrian A

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Jan 21, 2009
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The Featherweight iFIP app, used for the Featherweight GPS tracker, is released through Apple's TestFlight in a series of builds, each of which expire after 90 days. For the past few years we have been refreshing the build so that its availability is uninterrupted. But yesterday we forgot to update in time, and the next opportunity to push the new build will be tomorrow, Friday 10/13. I apologize for this oversight. It should be back up and available in time for this weekend's launches.

In parallel we are also working on adding tracker capabilities to the Featherweight UI app currently used for the Blue Raven interface. The Featherweight UI app is currently fully released for iOS through the Apple App Store and for Android through Google Play, and is not subject to this 90 day expiration issue. It works on Android phones as well as IPhones, and will eventually include all the iFIP tracking capabilities plus new tracker-related capabilities. More information on the new app development is available here: