F-100: One More Time (video)

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Lorenzo von Matterhorn
Jan 31, 2009
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Former F-100 pilots fly the plane one last time and tell a few Vietnam war stories. The F-100 in seven years of ground support missions in Vietnam flew 360,283 sorties, more that all P-51 sorties in WWII and more than all other fighter plane sorties combined in Vietnam.

Saw this and was amazed it is in my hometown of Ft. Wayne IN [emoji16]

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Thanks for posting this Winston! My dad worked on the "D" model- We had a chance to drop by the Rantoul Aviation Museum and, look at their F-100 before they closed their doors last year. That look in my Dad's eyes...going back to a time almost 60 years ago.

Thought you were talking about the FSI F-100.........LOL