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Mrs and her family are from Odesa, Ukraine. Mrs has been here in the states since becoming my wife in 2006. Her brother came over in 2018. Pappa came over Christmas of 21 to keep him out of harms way during petunias’s war. The cousin, his wife and 8 year old daughter are sponsored by us and arrived just over two weeks ago.
My flying the colors of Ukraine, just showing support for where my second home is. Hopefully one day soon we can all go back.
Mine is a liftoff pic of my first LOC Expediter on an I218R at NSL in Muncie back around 2008 or so. Shortly after this photo was taken, the rocket came in ballistic (no ejection) and made a sickening 'POP' sound as the upper body tube compressed and popped like a can of refrigerator biscuits. I bought another one the following year and still fly it fairly often, including for me L2 cert.
It comes after the letter "L," and before "N."
Quite logical.

Mine is whimsical. Yep. I like rockets - we all do. But the Ninja Bunny with a nuclear rocket is a photo I saw many years ago and I thought it was appropriate to stay away from being ultra-serious in this rocketry hobby.
Mine is a pic of the entry to my wood shop I had once that was my life at the time, and hopefully to supply additional funds for retirement.
Unfortunately, I put trust into someone I was very close to, to make payments. And that didn't happen and I ended up loosing my home and shop after depleting my retirement fund to try and save the home and shop.
I now face a new challenge. Posted under my Update Post.
Mine is a close up of my favourite WW2 fighter, a P51-D, this one being on display at the RAF Museum, Hendon, North London, UK.
I'd taken my youngest and his friends on an 8th birthday party trip there in 2011, and they loved it (as did I).
Here's the full picture, with some old geezers in the way!

Mine is an homage to my first screen identity on CompuServe. My original media moniker was "pyrat", a contortion of 'pyrotechnic ratios' from my love of chemistry and fireworks. Unfortunately, it attracted folks thinking I scammed software. I got so burnt out I was leaving the forums but Darrel Mobley convinced me to try this place. When GMAIL was first born on Google I logged on as "Fyrwrxz" and have been that since. The avatar was created via the game Plants vs. Zombies and imported here just for grins and a nod to my online roots. Straight smoke and good chutes. Peace
Mine was from 2015 when I tried pipe cleaner art for the first time to create a Wile E Coyote for a Fliskits Acme Spitfire (that I customized as a break-apart recovery version). I really liked his expression! 😆




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My Avatar is The Slobovian Avenger, My Black Powder Total Impulse Record Rocket from LDRS 2 (Full J Power) 60 Motors and it had Three Cinerocs on pods, Two stayed with the rocket and the third was designed to fall off and parachute down separately, didn't want to have to chase four objects for recovery. Ignition was with 1/4lb Black powder, flash in the pan AKA the Davis Douche method...

I wish that the modern electronics were available then... Ejection happened way too early, the E5 motors were still burning at ejection. Films are cool though.