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Jan 17, 2009
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Has anyone thought about getting one of these 1/100 LUT unites for building? Some might want to construct it to use as a lunch platform. I know its made out of paper so work would have to be done to make it hold up for a lunch.

This would be a nice display unit for the new Saturn V SEMROC is bringing out soon I hope.

If someone is intersted in this LUT or Crawler here is where you can get them.
Actually I once had a 1/100th semi-Scale LUT's that actually worked;)

Mine was built almost entirely out of balsa I stripped myself and shaped from a KFC postcard I recieved from my grandmother during her Florida vacation one year.

I didn't include the crawler as this was a working launch platform with remote controls the drew the access arms in and out. rotated the crane 360° in both directions and raised and lowered the winch.
The Custom contoller was set up for either standard or Cluster Relay ignition as my Estes Saturn-V could switch from 3 C6 motors or a Single might D13;) Later downgraded to D12's.
The Tower, base and crane came apart for transport in the trunk of my Old Dodge Dart.

The Tower was distroyed by vandels, during a break-in in the late 70's, after taking more then 1000 man hours to construct, I've never had the energy to rebuild it even though I kept the complete base and crane.
maybe someday? I do have a smaller LUTs paper model I'm working on that I plan on using with a small micro powered Saturn-V and Saturn-1b models at some point.
The Saturn-V was eventually retired with 139 flights (our club Section Number).

A Complex 39A LUT pad is a very worthy project, as it's full size counterpart is all but completely gone now. theres a LUT's yahoo group you might want to take a look at. they have extensive photos of the disassembled parts of the tower laying a Fla boneyard somewhere.

Saturn-V-c-sm_Launcher Gantry&Controller-1(92dpi)_04-30-70.jpg

Pad-39 Gantry-a-sm_3pic other models_12-04-72.jpg
I have a 1/144 scale one I am working on now. I plane on building the 1/100 scale next. I may give some thought on using it as a lunch platform. I belive Dr. Zooch was talking about selling a LUT kit to go along with his Saturn V.

Your tower is great every time I see it. That's an impressive piece of work. Didn't know about the vandalism, that's just rotten.


Where did you see $65?
I agree it is a steep price, but he is the only game in town. I'm sure if you built one. Had you newly fresh painted 1/100 scale Saturn V resting on it looking like it was going to lunch any minute, I'm sure $65.00 wouldn't enter your mind. I'm also sure everyone who layed there eyes on it the first word out of there mouth would be WOW!
Anybody got a website for plans or drawings of the LUT??

I'd like to build one in 1/100 for an Estes Saturn V, or 1/150 for a BT-80 based Saturn V (and Zooch Saturn Ib's)

I was thinking about using gas welding rods soldered together with a torch... should be fairly easy to do with my farm shop stuff... :)

Thanks! OL JR :)
I received my 1/100 scale LUT from DM Productions to go alone with my ESTES 1/100 Saturn V that’s still in the box unbuilt also. I have built there 1/144 scale LUT a couple years ago so I have some idea what it take to do one. The 1/100 LUT looks to be quite a bit more work to it. I had the thought of doing a build thread for the LUT if anyone would be interested in one. After looking over thinks this build thread could take some time as slow as I am. A farm house I’m working on and my Harley that my wife and I are on all summer long leaves little time for fast builds. I’ll give it some thought.
I was going to build one to go with my estes satern V but after I began the planing of build I came out of work to care for my father. I still might build one but it will wait. as mine was going to require alot of soldering due to the fact that i was useing brass I and H beams.
I'm embarking on a project to build a 1/100th scale version of the LUT and Mobile Launch Platform. I know this thread is more than 10 years old. Just thought I'd revive the idea and ask if anyone has tips on building one to launch the Saturn V from without burning it down.

I might buy the paper kit to use as a template for one that could actually be functional at the range.
As I have gotten older I find I don't have the room in my home for a big display for a large Saturn V LUT.
What I would like to see is a good Saturn V LUT for Estes 1/200 scale Saturn. I know at that small scale it is hard to build one. I have a 3D printer and have tried to scale down the Saturn V LUT I found on Thingivison for that size. The structure is pretty small and the pieces are a big puzzle to put together. I wish somebody that had skills in CAD drawing would draw 3D files based on the way Metal Earth has there Saturn V LUT parts laid out for 1/200 scale. 0002442_apollo-saturn-v-with-gantry.jpeg