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Sold Estes Little Joe II & Accur8 Skin Set-1/45 Scale (23.3" tall) *** Sold - Thank you Ken! ***

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May 13, 2012
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Stephenville, TX
For sale is an Estes 1/45 Scale Little Joe II model rocket kit. Following are a few specifications for this kit:

Length - 23.3"
Diameter - 3.42"
Estimated Weight - 8.3 oz
Recommended Motor - E30-4
Estimated Height - 800 ft (with recommended motor)

This kit is in "as new" condition with the box opened only to verify contents, take photos and to place the Accur8 Skin Set inside. All parts bags are still sealed, awaiting you to open and build this kit (see photo #3)

As a bonus, this kit includes the obsolete third-party Accur8 upper main airframe skins which include the capsule and escape tower skins. (see photo #4) This skin set makes this kit easier to build and allows the builder to create a truly outstanding model kit replica of the Little Joe II.

This Little Joe II model rocket kit and the Accur8 skin set have been out of production for 4-5 years and are becoming more challenging to find, especially in "as new" condition and with the special skin set included.

Price for this kit is $85. This price includes mainland USA shipping, insurance and PayPal fees. The kit will be carefully packed, double-boxed and shipped to you same or next day.

Thank you for reviewing my ad and for considering this historic and rare kit!

Best regards,



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