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Jan 18, 2009
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For the love of God, This is S. Calif. when will the rain stop? I have over 300 vintage Estes kits to build and this is putting a damper on my progress. Oh well I decided to start on my Klingon vessel to go along with the Enterprise. I will do a much better job of taking pictures this time. I will also start on my vintage Star Trek rocket. That is the old yellow one that came in a box and has plastic nose and fins. This is another kit that I have about 6 of, they are cheap on Ebay I guess people are not to interested in these old kits or Estes made too many. The wood is old so I had to do some repair work from the die crushed parts, the model airplanes of this time era had the same issue. I used my nice little sanding jig I bought some time ago to make all parts square and true. I then sealed with 4 coats of balsa sealer for a smooth grain free shinny finish. I have some examples below of the unfinished wood vs finished grain free. I decided it would be easier to seal and sand before building the rocket. For the large balsa sheets I use a clamp device so the wood does not warp, this is another trick I learned from my freeflight days. I have scrap wood with thick craft board glued to protect the balsa. I then put half of the balsa fin in the device and add my sealer. When that half is dried, I turn the fin around so I can do the other half. When that is dried then I sand it smooth and repeat.



With all the balsa sealed and ready to go, it is time to move onto the plastic. Estes does a great job of detailing how to cut the plastic parts out. I used a ball point pen to trace each part, then I use my X-acto knife to lightly cut along the pen line. I made about 2 or 3 passes then bent the plastic back and forth until it snapped right off. These are the pieces before sanding. They came out nice and clean so they will not require much sanding.



this is great i plan on trying to find one of theses and this will be a huge help
There is one for sale on FeePay..Umm E-Bay for like $24.95 last I looked..There is also an Enterprise on there too, same price..I THINK from a forum user(Harsas?)..

I have a built Klingon Cruiser

One more in the box and 3 Enterprises in my 'Kit Room of Doom'...LOL

Sorry, back to SCIGS and his build.....:eek:
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My Klingon Cruiser flew fairly well..Didn't get much altitude, but that is to be expected with all that nose weight..It is a fun build..
I have been busy lately so I took a little break from building. I did get the Firecat and Klingon ship primed today and will apply top coat Monday. I am using Testors spray cans so it is taking longer to dry. The Klingon ship is a little more challenging than the Enterprise. Estes did a great job with the directions and I followed them to a T.



I am getting closer to the end. I opened up one of my Anniversary Klingon kits and noticed it had paint included, so I used it. I sprayed the gray paint and let it dry for 48 hours. I then hit the rocket with Glossycote so the decals won't silver, this is what I do with my plastic WWII birds. I will wait 24 hours and then apply the waterslide decals. Wait 24 more hours then hit the rocket with dullcote and apply the foil press on decals. This rocket definitely needs to be flat.



I think those are really they fly good?? $24.95?!?!?! I might need one...

I have two Klingon cruisers. One of those flies spectacularly on D engines. Very high and straight boost. The other flies well on C engines. This has been one of my favorite rockets.
SCIGS30, that is one beautiful and perfectly finished model. Makes me wanna get one!!! :)

Were the Klingon vessels on TOS gray? I do not remember but I have always seen green Klingon vessels in the movies and recent series.
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I finished the Klingon ship today, I forgot how long it takes for MM Paints to dry. I applied the decals and applied two light coats of Dullcote. I am not too impressed with the foil decals, they went on easy but they don't look like they belong on this bird. I have all 3 of the Estes Star Trek models built and ready for flight. My Firecat is drying, used MM green for that kit. time to open up another kit.



The Federation and the Empire salute you. I feel the battle is about to begin for control of this corner of the Alpha Quadrant. Press the button and let ‘em fly! My money is on the D-7!
Great job! I need to get my hands on one of these!

Out of curiosity do you have any of the Estes Star Wars models? I have a TIE Fighter I'll be starting in on just as soon as I get some replacement parts. Would love to see finished pics of one.

Or do you stick strictly to the Trek half of the universe? :)
Looks good so far, make sure to post some more paint pics and eventually flight pics.

Thanks! Just what I needed to see. :D

There's one of those Proton Torpedo's up on ebay right now. I was thinking of getting it.

Have you launched the TIE Fighter? I intend to.