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Estes E Launch Controller

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Jan 26, 2009
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Brand new Estes E Controller for sale. New and still in box. Contains controller with 30' launch cable, safety key, and instructions. $20.00 + shipping/insurance.

Estes E Launch Controller.jpg
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new to the forum. Seems to be a bunch of great guys and gals here with alot of info. I am new to the hobby - sport and looking for several items to get started. Would this work with any low to mid power rocket?
it would work with lower power igniters etc Estes/quest types.
there is not enough power for most mid power igniters like copperheads, as they require a 12 volt battery.
but Estes E motors (midpower class) will launch fine since they, too use the same igniters as lpr motors from estes. :)